English to French subtitling

Below is a selection of the films and programmes I have worked on, be it for cinema releases, film festivals, TV channels or DVD.

I have also subtitled many short films, advertisements, corporate videos, talks, TV programmes and songs.

Subtitles are usually delivered in the following formats: .pac, .stl, .srt or .txt.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Small AxeCodeAHS 1984EvilMagical Land of OzNot Just NumbersDublin MurdersPeter Lindbergh - Women's Stories, in collaboration with Nivene RaafatSMILF series 2American Horror Story ApocalypsePacificKiriGenius 2Open Land - Meeting John AbercrombieBecoming AnimalFell in Love with a GirlThe Long Road HomeGeniusAlive in FranceClara HaskilThe FamilyBill Maherjimmy-fallonellenHow BizarreKoudelkaWrong ElementsFrackmanThe Ground We WonuntitledAbove and BelowImagineBlack Panther WomanHip Hoperationtender dvd.inddBed of Roses